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Is a station currently down? Press “Report Station”or call1-844-623-1001 for further support.


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"Love this app! It makes charging super simple."

- Amandapcsd

Why choose Livingston Charge Port?
We have one of the highest rated EV charging apps in the App Store.

Fast and Easy to Use

"...I was able to go from parked to charging in less than 30 seconds."

- mvander115

Works Great

"Downloaded the app and was charging within minutes."

- audioguy2014


Locate nearby charging stations, get

turn-by-turn directions, and start charging!


Sleek and seamless interface to make your EV charging experience more enjoyable so you can charge and go!

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Easy access to real-time insights on charger availability to avoid waiting times.

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Quickly access FAQs on how to charge and what to do if your charge does not start. Our support team is just one call away to start your charge.

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  • Does it cost money to charge my EV? Who sets this pricing?
    Each EV charging location is different. Some are free to charge, and some you must pay. In addition, each might have a different price. The individual or business that owns the charging stations sets that price typically.
  • My car stopped charging after a while. Why did this happen?
    We call this being idle, and there are multiple reasons that this could be happening. The most common cause is your electric vehicle has hit its charging limit, which means either the battery is full or there was a predefined limit set in the car.
  • What are the different types of EV charging stations?
    There are two main public EV charging station types: Level 2 (commonly known as AC charging) and Level 3 (more commonly known as DC Fast Charging). Level 2 is more widely available and offers a slower charging speed, perfect if you will be at a location for a few hours or are charging for convenience. Level 3 is a higher-power charger that can charge most vehicle batteries 80% in 30 minutes or less. These are better suited for traveling or necessity.
  • How long does it take to charge my electric vehicle?
    The time it takes to charge your EV varies based on several factors. The two most significant are the size of your vehicle's battery and the charging station's power. There are two main categories of public charging stations, Level 2 and Level 3 (also known as DCFC). Level 2 stations typically range from a 5-20kWh output (4-8 hours for a full charge), while Level 3 or DCFC stations range between a 50kWh and 350kWh output (80% charge in 30 minutes or less).
  • I finished charging my EV, but I was never billed. What now?
    When you add your payment method with Charge Port, we only bill you once per month or when you accumulate more than $25 in pending charges. This process helps us keep the charging cost low and only invoice you when needed.
  • How do I pay for EV charging?
    There are multiple ways to pay for your charging, and it usually depends on the station you are at. The most common way is adding a payment method using our mobile app found on the Google and Apple stores. However, some stations support one-time payments with credit cards and web-based portals for users that will rarely be charging.
  • How do I update my payment method in the app?
    You can easily update your payment method in the app by navigating to the "Me" tab and clicking the "Payment Info & History" tab.
  • I need a copy of my receipt. How do I get that?
    You can easily download any invoice by going to the "Me" tab and clicking the "Payment Info & History" tab.

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