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Become a Charging Destination

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Commercial Charging Stations

Building amenities and expanding sustainability on commercial properties

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When partnering with Livingston Energy Group we work with you to offer more than just chargers. In order to help you save money and offer amenities for your location, we provide a multi-year plan and ensure you have a partnership that lasts the lifetime of your stations. All of our stations are offered with full maintenance, software, customer support, and remote updates to make sure you are never in the dark.


Our focus on total project management ensures we bring you the most streamlined installation and station setup. Livingston will have your back at each step of the way, and we will still be there for you when it's time to renew your contract. You won't see yearly maintenance charges or a software price hike for one reason: We are looking for lifetime partners in the adoption of affordable and efficient energy solutions.

The Livingston Guarantee

Livingston Energy Group Services

Our Installers

Livingston Energy Group stands out by offering a total turnkey solution to your electric vehicle charging needs. That means we will be your hardware, software and installation provider. A team of our partnered installers will be on site at all times during the process to ensure that an experienced team is handling the installation process. We provide total project management from site walk to install, giving you peace of mind that your stations will be built to last. 

Construction and installation

Our Software

Livingston Charge Port stations are offered with multiple years of our software included, enabling connectivity and ensuring your stations are compliant with your utility providers. Our development team routinely provides software updates to make certain your user experience is always improving for you and your customers. Our team will walk you through the custom user interface so you can monitor your stations remotely, view usage, and ensure they are active at all times. Your drivers and customers can scan the QR code on the station to download the app, which authorizes payment and station interaction.

charging with the Livingston Charge Port app

Our Support

We are here to answer any questions or concerns you have with 24/7 support with a technician at our Livingston location. Feel free to call the support number provided on the stations themselves, or report a problem through your app. Since our stations are remotely monitored we are ready to provide maintenance over the air, and we offer ground support for hardware malfunctions. You will be routed to an in-house support team familiar with your account and ready to offer remote assistance.

Livingston Energy Group team working together

Project Incentives

Thanks to local and state funding sources, incentives are widely available to many of our clients, and will help subsidize the out-of-pocket costs for installing our stations.

The incentive programs are intended to expand the available charging infrastructure to support the growing EV market, and simultaneously educate the public on how to effectively transfer to this market. Our clients are able to leverage many benefits to boost the value of their property and get in front of the curve to electric adoption.

The Process

We offer beginning to end assistance with managing your project, and if needed, can help connect you with a network of qualified installers to deliver on your project. See the graphic below for a typical project timeline. Click here to see a more detailed project timeline. 


30 min
Same day
2 weeks
6-9 months
Installation & Activation
10 days
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