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Getting Started

How much does it cost to use  Livingston Charge Port station?  

The fee to use a station is purely at the discretion of the station owner. It can be based on location, the cost of electricity, the time of day, EV driver type, or a nearly unlimited number of other factors. 

How do I start a charge? 

To start a charge, you can select the location name from the Nearby Locations list at the bottom of the screen or click on the icon from the map. Select the available station number that matches the number on the front of the charging station you are plugged into and start charging. For certain charging station models with built-in retractable cords, selecting "Start Charging" will release the cord and allow for you to plug in your vehicle. A notification will appear indicating your charging session has started. From the home screen, a lightning bolt icon will pulse. 

How do I stop a charge? 

When you have completed your charging session, we recommend you tap the lightning bolt icon from the home screen of the app and select "stop charging" to safely unplug your vehicle. Disconnecting your charge cable will also stop the charging session. 

Station FAQ

How do you determine the best location for stations

We work with our trusted engineers to evaluate where the best place is at the site and work to find the ideal location for stations based on power availability. We always strive to find a place that works best for the property owner and the drivers while simultaneously keeping costs at a minimum. 

How long do the stations remain active? 

We utilize guidelines that have been set by New York State, which outline that once installed stations must remain active for five years.

Can I add more stations as demand in the EV market grows? 

Yes! We are willing to add stations to an existing location as the market demand for EVs grows. The demand for EVs in NYS is expected to increase more than 18 times to 850,000 EVs by 2025 and 2 million by 2030. New York's push to electrify has facilitated great incentives and program options for facilities who want to take advantage of this growing market, so we do our best to evaluate the demographics and growth in our program areas to set our clients up for success and an ability to meet this demand. 

If you have any additional questions, you can access our live support agents by selecting "Call Support" from the app Menu or by calling 1-844-623-1001.

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