Founded by energy efficiency professionals in 2016, Livingston Energy Group, LLC is a clean energy company based in New York State's Capital Region, offering a wide array of services across the United States ranging from basic project consultations to thorough turnkey energy upgrades. In an effort to minimize out-of-pocket investments and ongoing operating costs for our clients, Livingston Energy Group provides several services for project design, management, and financing, as well as funding assistance where applicable.

Our purpose is to facilitate the adoption of increasingly efficient technologies and reduce unit energy consumption while saving our clients on spending. 



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Improving Light Quality

From small retail shops to large distribution facilities, upgrading the quality of lighting leads to increased sales and greater productivity. Savings on improved efficiency can be dramatic depending on size and use.

  • Retail & shopping malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels & Motels

  • Arenas, gyms, fitness facilities

  • Distribution warehouses

  • Office Buildings

  • Large Multi-family Residential Complexes

A Durable Solution

Industrial facilities not only benefit from an improved lighting quality, but also the longer lasting durability of LED fixtures. With a lifespan more than three times that of traditional options, it means less interruptions in production and lower maintenance costs.

  • Manufacturing

  • Assembly

  • Laboratories and R&D

  • Warehousing

Efficient & Usable Spaces

Enhanced lighting quality and updated layouts will result in more inviting public spaces and offices, and recreates spaces with improved utilization. These benefits while also making community buildings more energy efficient and helping to keep them running within their budgets.

  • Non-profit

  • Tax Exempt


Construction Site




Electrical Inspectors


Bring it in Under Budget

Whether your in the planning stages, currently under construction, or just wrapping up - contact us and find out if you qualify for our new facility services.

An Experienced Partner

You have a project - but maybe we can give you that extra little support to make it perfect. Looking for an electrician? No problem. The fixture you're currently installing isn't exactly what you had in mind? We have more options. Surprised by some additional expenses? We've got you covered with financing.

Maximize Your Space

Transform your facility without breaking the bank. It's not just incentives and grants at our disposal - ask about our financing options.


Transform Your Location

Funding programs are available for fast charging Level II commercial electric vehicle stations.


The station models are designed for all-season applications and can be configured for single locations, or as vast networks. Provided management software allows for expansive control over pricing, user authentication, and security; and gives site-hosts access to real-time data dashboards and reporting tools.

Fixtures for Any Location

Whether you need assistance in identifying the right technology for your space, or you just want to explore your options, we can provide quality LED products at competitive prices. Direct access to major brands enable us to offer wide array of options to suit your needs.

  • High/Lowbay

  • Parking, Wallpack, & Flood

  • Architectural & Aesthetic,

  • Recessed, Strip, & Linear

  • Panel & Troffer

Expert Guidance

Perhaps you don't know where to begin, or maybe you have a project approved or even completed - find out how we can be of service with a cost free consultation - and let's make sure nothing was left behind.

  • Product Selection

  • Project Planning

  • Financing & Incentives

  • Installation Management

Supply Side Savings

We will negotiate a lower rate for your organization, and we'll do it with full transparency.

Utilizing proprietary licensed software, we conduct reverse auctions with suppliers bidding on your contract. The platform allows client's to test the market and determine if they can get better pricing, all without any commitments or obligations. Take the mystery out of energy supply and make deregulation work for you.