2021 EV Charging Driver Habits Survey


Livingston Energy Group is on a mission to drastically improve the electric vehicle (EV) driver experience at public charging stations, and we need your help!

As we gather information on public charging, your feedback is invaluable in sculpting the next-generation charging experience. When it comes to your EV charging experiences, we want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly and open the floor to suggestions on how you would like to see changes made.

This survey should take less than 2 minutes, is completely anonymous, and helps us answer some of the million-dollar questions around establishing an improved EV experience, including:

  • What types of locations need to have EV chargers in the future?

  • What kinds of accessibility should public charging locations have?

  • What needs to improve to make the public charging experience easier?

To complete our 2021 EV Charging Driver Habits Survey, please follow this link.

(If you need assistance with the survey, please contact us at 518-691-3073.)

Again, Livingston Energy Group thanks you for taking the time to participate in this survey and for your assistance in helping us work toward a clean transportation future sufficient enough to support all EV drivers.

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