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Crossgates & Livingston Host EV Charging Grand Opening, Lia, Nemer, and New Country Porsche Join.

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021 Livingston Energy Group and Crossgates Mall officially unveiled 20 brand new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations available for public use, a project made possible through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) Charge Ready NY Program and National Grid’s EV Make-Ready Program.

When Livingston and Crossgates Mall announced their plans to install 20 EV charging stations, Regional Executive for National Grid in Eastern New York Laurie Poltynski emphasized the significance of this partnership explaining, “the number of electric vehicles is growing across Upstate NY, and partnerships like this with Livingston and Crossgates will help increase that growth and get us close to a more sustainable future.”

As EV growth rapidly increases, Livingston understands drivers’ needs for charging experiences that provide convenience and dependability. As we continue our work with NYSERDA and the Joint Utilities of New York, we have witnessed firsthand changes in public opinion – the increase in publicly available chargers results in increased understanding of their importance and increased trust in the reliability of electric vehicles in general. In support of Livingston Energy Group, Crossgates Mall, and the transition to clean transportation, Nemer Volkswagen, Lia Auto Group, and New Country Porsche of Clifton Park also joined today’s celebration.

Located throughout the Capital Region, each of these dealerships are currently offering electric options, both new and used, for customers in search of vehicles. As we’ve discussed in some of our previous posts, Plug In America's 2020-21 EV Driver survey found that, "only 15% of EV owners rated dealership salesperson knowledge as "very high.” As a company focused on EV charging and the success of the electric vehicle revolution, Livingston is dedicated to partnering only with the best in the industry. Nemer Volkswagen, Lia Auto Group, and New Country Porsche of Clifton Park each have a dedicated history to clean transportation with respect to the rapid growth of electric vehicles in the United States, allowing each of these businesses to assist customers throughout the entirety of their journey to driving electric, from purchase to maintenance. By exclusively hiring top-performing, highly knowledgeable service teams with extensive knowledge on electric vehicles Nemer, Lia and New Country Porsche have established themselves as leaders in the industry.

As discussed in previous blog posts, EV charging stations are competitive differentiators in more ways than one - if your business is in retail, installing charging stations on your property highlights that your business is both mindful of consumer needs and dedicated to sustainability. From a business standpoint, installing EV chargers has also been proven to increase customer dwell time and attract customers who are young, affluent, and highly educated. As we continue deploying stations throughout the northeast, we are thrilled to hear excitement among the region’s EV drivers that now have increased charging options.

If you are interested in installing EV charging stations and would like a free consultation to see if your municipality or property location qualifies for New York State's current funding programs, please reach out to Livingston Energy Group today!

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