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EV Drivers Call for Public Charging Infrastructure, Zero-Emission Transportation Association Agrees

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Earlier this month, Plug In America (PIA) released their Electric Vehicle Consumer Survey Report. Their Satisfied Drivers, Optimistic Intenders report explains "how the EV (electric vehicle) market can continue to thrive, fix pain points, and evolve for the next generation of drivers."

PIA briefly summarized four important findings among current EV drivers and those considering purchasing an EV within the next year:

  • 96% of EV owners are likely to purchase an EV as their next vehicle

  • 85% of owners were satisfied with finding the information they needed to buy or lease an EV


  • 15% of EV owners rated dealership salesperson knowledge as "very high," while 40% rated as "high" or better

  • 54% of owners reported experiencing problems with public charging

For auto manufacturers that continue to make notable changes to the cars they produce moving forward, and for clean energy companies like ours – heavily dedicated to and invested in rolling out EV charging infrastructure – it is exciting to see such an accelerated interest in EVs. However, the study also highlights two important areas pertinent to the success of the EV revolution we so often discuss: public education and public charging.

As explained by PIA, these results emphasize that there "must be greater investment in public charging infrastructure with a focus on reliability." Additionally, PIA highlights that knowledge regarding electric vehicles must be advanced, especially throughout car dealerships, to bridge the gap between "innovators" and "early adopters" (those who embrace new technology very early) and the general public.

Similarly, the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) recently stated their support in the call for nationwide charging networks to support the electric transportation revolution. In his blog, Why We Must Build the World of Tomorrow Through a Comprehensive National Charging Initiative, President and Chief Executive Officer at Momentum Dynamics Andy Daga explained, "A National Charging Initiative with its aim to hurdle the infrastructure obstacle is needed. It is simply essential. An effective strategy should scope how much energy the EV revolution needs, where it needs it, and when. It should then catalyze the industry to solve technological problems through innovation. We can be smart and also inclusive of all solutions – whether that is plug-in, docking, or wireless charging, as we move forward."

Founded in November of 2020 and existing as the first coalition backed by major industry stakeholders, ZETA outlines a solid National Charging Initiative plan in its Roadmap to 2030 Policy Platform. The platform can be found in full detail here. This Roadmap discusses a "Six-part strategy to create jobs in every congressional district, secure American global EV manufacturing leadership, improve public health, and reduce carbon pollution." It discusses numerous opportunities the United States and its policymakers can take advantage of as we work toward aggressive climate goals, including 100% electric vehicle sales by 2030.

Through our work with various types of clients, business owners, and EV drivers, Livingston Energy Group has experienced first-hand just how drastic the need for reliable public charging is. We want to emphasize the specific need for commercial and municipal investment in EV charging. Aside from branding your business or locality as EV friendly, just a handful of countless benefits that come with installing EV charging stations include improved property values, overall sustainability, additional pathways to measurably reduce carbon emissions, increased tourism, providing the service to EV drivers already located in your community, attracting green businesses, investment in local economies, and a long-term revenue stream.


If you are interested in installing EV charging stations and would like a free consultation to see if your municipality or property location qualifies for New York State's current funding programs, please reach out to Livingston Energy Group today!

We can be contacted at 518-691-3073,, or


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