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Livingston & Crossgates: Community Leaders in Environmental Responsibility

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

If you have been keeping up with Livingston Energy Group’s blog, you are most likely well-informed now of the importance of installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for public use, especially at multifamily, office, retail, and hospitality locations.

EV charging stations are competitive differentiators in more ways than one - if your business is in retail, installing charging stations on your property highlights that your business is both mindful of consumer needs and dedicated to sustainability. From a business standpoint, installing EV chargers has also been proven to increase customer dwell time and attract customers who are young, affluent, and highly educated.

With an increasing amount of auto manufacturers already producing EVs or committing to their development (some even recently pledging to cease the sale of gas-powered vehicles entirely), states nationwide introducing legislation to achieve clean, zero-emissions economies and transportation sectors, and expected five-fold growth in the U.S. EV market by 2025, establishing an EV charging network is now arguably more important than it has ever been before.

Crossgates Mall partnered with Livingston Energy Group announcing plans to install 20 charging stations on site. As stated by Laurie Poltynski, Regional Executive for National Grid in Eastern New York, “The number of electric vehicles is growing across upstate NY, and partnerships like this with Livingston and Crossgates will help increase that growth and get us close to a more sustainable future.”

To continue reading about this partnership and the importance of EV charging stations at locations like Crossgates, click here!

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