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New Fleet Charger in Development

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

CharIN, a charging solutions technology association based in Germany, is currently developing a faster electric vehicle charger for heavy-duty EVs like trucks and buses. This faster charger will enable transport fleets to switch to electric, while also facilitating global EV charging infrastructure expansion.

The new connector is called the Megawatt Charging System, or MCS for short. It has a single conductive plug, with a maximum charging rate of 3000 amps at 1250 volts. The MCS is projected for a commercial release in 2024.

According to CharIN, “To satisfy the market demand of the Truck and Bus industry to charge electric heavy-duty vehicles within a reasonable time, a new solution for high-power charging is needed. It will help meet climate and sustainability goals and offer maximized customer flexibility.” [1]

To read more about the MCS, check out CharIN’s website:


[1] CharIN (2022). Megawatt Charging System. Retrieved July 13, 2022 from

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