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Schenectady Named 1 of 16 Summer 2021 EV Destinations

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

In 2019, data collected by AAA suggested an estimated 100 million Americans planned summer family vacations, with more than half embarking on road trips. Following the first few months of COVID-19 in 2020, the number of Americans taking road trips jumped dramatically from 2019 (683 million Americans to be exact) due to pandemic-related restrictions and desires to safely reclaim the summer vacation months we all longingly look forward to.

As Americans continue to get vaccinated and federal, state and local governments gradually lift mandates, summer 2021 offers a glimmer of normalcy. AAA estimated that over 37 million Americans would travel (9 in 10 traveling by car) over Memorial Day weekend alone and highlighted substantial increases in summertime hotel and car rentals suggesting that, “domestic travel and road trips remain the biggest drivers of travel recovery in the near term.”

With the United States continuing its clean energy overhaul, one of the most noticeable change areas has been transportation. Between government incentives, rebate programs, and increasing vehicle and charging options, electric vehicle (EV) sales continue to skyrocket, and these special summer road trips are starting to bring more travelers to the charger rather than the pump.

On June 3, 2021, National Grid (providing gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island) unveiled the EV Road Trip. The trip includes 16 beautiful EV-friendly destinations throughout each state and provides both EV drivers and those looking to travel sustainably the opportunity to “make a clean getaway.”

As a Schenectady-based company specializing in manufacturing and installing EV charging infrastructure, Livingston Energy Group was thrilled to see Schenectady included as a Northeast destination. Describing it as “a center for creativity and relaxation,” National Grid explains that Schenectady is “an ideal spot to learn more about the history of innovation while you experience modern innovation in your EV,” and we could not agree more.

Of the 200+ Livingston Charge Port charging stations located throughout New York State’s Capital Region, over 40 are located in Schenectady alone. As our company continues to work closely with National Grid utilizing their EV Make-Ready Program, we encourage you to take advantage of the EV Road Trip and visit us in Schenectady this summer!

If you are interested in installing EV charging stations and would like a free consultation to see if your municipality or property location qualifies for New York State's current funding programs, please reach out to Livingston Energy Group today!


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