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Site Walk-throughs

Site Walk-throughs

Utility Bills

Utility Bills

Site Maps

Site Maps

Blueprints & Schematics

Blueprints & Schematics


The first step in any of our work is to get an understanding of your needs and the state of the facility or work site. Information collected during this discovery phase will be used to uncover opportunities for savings due to efficiency upgrades, quality of environment improvements, and of course funding opportunities.

Initial meetings to discuss what your looking for can be done on site or over the phone. Depending on your stated goals, the current standing of your project, and your service needs, we may deem it advisable to conduct a site walk-through. Always remember that you can dictate the scope of our assessment - we will never demand to be taken to restricted or sensitive areas, unless you want us to be there.

Often, in lieu of a actual on-site assessment or inspection by one of our staff members, pictures of the concerned areas and facility schematics may suffice. Other documents may also be needed or helpful in creating an accurate understanding of your energy profile, again depending on your desired depth of investigation.

Preparing for a Consultation
LED Lighting Layout

LED Lighting Layout

Area Footcandle Map

Area Footcandle Map


Once we understand a client's needs, and we've completed the assessment, we will provide one or more options for product types, layout/configuration, and orientation. These options are designed based on what we determine to be best suited for each client's particular application. The baseline ascertained from our energy audit is the foundational element used to determine a given facility's potential delta in energy consumption, but the solutions we present are much more than that.

We create the proposed solutions based on a number of factors including but not limited to the following:

  • Forecasted Energy Consumption,

  • Client Aesthetic Preferences,

  • Potential Financial Constraints,

  • Facility & Subspace Utilization,

  • Environmental Barriers to Installation,

  • Availability of Funding Assistance,

  • Leveraging of Financing,

  • Operational Capabilities.

Revisions are made if needed, a proposal is selected and a scope is agreed upon. We like to remind customers that as our client, you select who does the work, and how or when it gets done. If you want to handle the implementation, you can utilize us solely for funding, or even just to access special product pricing.

Available Products


You already have a "Go" project - Perfect - We'll get you more money for it.

We don't need to do it from the ground up. If you've already completed designs, we can use those as the basis for implementation and the pursuit of funding and financing for your project. Additionally, at your request we can examine the provided documentation and identify possible opportunities for improvement in energy or cost savings, and for meeting the standards of grant and incentive programs. The depth of this value engineering is done based on your preferences, and is directed by that which you identify as the most important aspects of your project. Some examples are:

  • "We want to maintain the look above all else,"

  • "We're most concerned with getting the most funding possible,"

  • "We want to use the most energy efficient solution."

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