Financing for Facility Investments as a Strategic Tool


While paying outright for a project will nearly always result in the lowest raw cost of a project, in energy efficiency, financing can often provide a particularly dramatic strategic advantage. Even with high cost infrastructure investments and a longer return-on-investment (ROI), the reduced energy consumption releases cash usually reserved for the operating budget, and is used towards the monthly cost of financing. In addition to the reduction in consumed energy, facilities benefit from both increased productivity and lower maintenance costs and disruptions resulting from having more reliable equipment. And finally while it may be the most obvious it is perhaps the most critical benefit of financing - lower upfront costs and the preservation of current cash reserves. This ultimately means there is a lesser immediate strain on the client, as their cash flow is relatively undisturbed during project implementation.

When we are working with a client on a project design, a good portion of our attention is focused on the project payback relative to the investment. This of course is all based on the energy savings, and we use this as a guideline for determining the optimal terms for a client's financing package. The options we typically provide for financed projects include:

  • $0 Down Out of Pocket,

  • $0 Monthly Net Cost,

  • Warranties through the financing period.


Our financing program is built to provide options for both smaller commercial projects, as well as larger institutional deployments. These not only include LED lighting packages, but also HVAC and building envelope/insulation work. Our standard offers provide for:

  • A streamlined application option for packages under $250,000,

  • Quick credit decisions- often less than a few hours,

  • Approval up to $1,500,000 per qualified facility,

  • The flexibility to include 100% of associated project soft costs and expenses.

  • The ability to get a pre-approval,

  • Deferred payment options,

  • Packages without pre-payment penalties,

  • Terms from 12 to 72 months.

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