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2020 A Year in Review: Livingston Energy Group Charges Forward

Another year has passed, and like many others, Livingston Energy Group has decided to take a moment and think back on all the things that we have accomplished this year. Despite a myriad of challenges and constantly adjusting our practices appropriately in response to the global pandemic, we were able to modify and still make strides to move ourselves forward. One of the benefits of being a smaller start-up is that we have the capability to be flexible and pliant as the market requires and that has been an instrumental part of our success this year. Though we might be eager to let the year expire, we would be remiss is we let the opportunity pass and did not glance back at all the sights in the rearview mirror as we continue to charge our journey forward.

Livingston did a lot of growing this year, with our staff and partners, the scope of our projects, and in our physical office space. In the beginning of 2020, there were just a handful of partners ready to electrify the EV charger market. Now at the end of the year, we have more

than tripled the size of our team across all departments from funding & sales to software & development. We have seen firsthand the gains that can be made with a great team behind us. Our development staff has worked very hard to keep up with the growth being fostered among the sales staff and everyone has risen to the challenge and raised the bar of success in to the upcoming year. We have also increased the number of partners that we are jointly working with to build up the electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout NYS and into ever-expanding markets. We have also launched more media and creative advertising campaigns than ever before. It would have seemed impossibly far away at the beginning of the year to think that we would have successfully launched a webinar series by the end of the year, but here we are! The first of these was in October and we are looking forward to building on the early successes of this series next year.

Our offices have also taken on new life in 2020. To support our future-facing ventures our office required an expansion to more than double its original size. This was also added for the benefit of increased safety measures taken to ensure the health & safety of our coworkers this year. It was extremely necessary for us to increase the size of our office to support our growing needs and the new space fits our needs perfectly. The evolution of this space can be seen below as it was taken from an open hallway space to a modern office with a perfect upstate New York mountain view.

We also had our largest project year to date working with more customers and reaching a larger audience than ever before. We deployed hundreds of EV charging stations throughout the state of New York and have plans in the works for hundreds more in NY and beyond. We have also been excited by the increased presence and prioritization of electric vehicles at some of the largest car brands in the world. A record number of 100 pure electric car models is set to be released by the end of 2024 according to consumer reports. We are proud to be in a state that is leading the charge for growth of electrification in the car market and promoting all the societal benefits that it will bring to all. EVs can bring us a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient driving experience and we work hard to be the best partner that we can to facilitate business and consumer adoption in this market. As a full service provider of level 2 electric car chargers, we have adopted program models to fit the needs of different types of businesses. As we move into the upcoming year, we are looking forward to all the new relationships that we will develop and bringing the electric revolution further into fruition.

If you have been waiting for the the perfect time to reach out about EV chargers, the time is now! Give us a call at (518) 691-3119 or send us an email to


Preston, Benjamin. “Hot New Electric Cars Are Coming Soon.” Consumer Reports, 12 Nov. 2020,

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