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Become a Charging Destination


Project Timeline


30 minutes


Meet with our team virtually to review your site and develop a plan to meet your charging needs. It's best to have everyone who has questions on the call so we can review them with our sales director. Our team is ready to help if you're unsure about what your site needs. We are here to help you through each step in the process. After reviewing potential locations we will prepare a proposal specific to your site and installation.


Same day


Our team will prepare an estimate based on your site design and proposal. We will ensure that your location qualifies for any utility funding and incentives to reduce your financial liability. The estimate will allow our team to prepare for a site walk and give a final review of the location. 


2 weeks


Once you sign off on the estimate, we will coordinate a zoning evaluation to review your site in-person and ensure that there will be no logistical complications. We will schedule this meeting in advance to ensure we can meet you onsite. After this, our team will prepare and map a final site design. Your final proposal with price and calculated incentives will then be ready for confirmation.


6-9 months


Our team will ensure all the installation permitting is secured before we break ground. Your utility provider will be notified, and all funding provided for the installation will also be secured at this point. Our experienced team can handle any and all paperwork in collaboration with your utility provider to ensure a timely installation process.

Installation & Activation

10 days

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Once we have funding secured, our team will begin the installation process. As your total turnkey provider, we will handle the project management and make sure that your stations are built to last. The final step will be activation, which signals that your station is connected to the network and ready to start charging.

Get on the Map!



Our team will help you get your station on the map so EV drivers will know your destination chargers are active and ready to be used. We will help you market your stations on channels such as our social media, so you can maximize publicity and new amenity features. 

Begin by requesting a review with our No Obligation Application.

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