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The Women of Livingston Energy Group

Each year, the eighth of March marks International Women's Day – "a global day celebrating women's social, economic, cultural and political achievements," (International Women's Day, 2021) without "regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political." (United Nations, 2021)

Countries worldwide continue making monumental strides in the energy revolution. Led by renewables and alternatives, the energy transformation is accompanied by a far-reaching structural change to our communities, presenting the clean energy industry with crucial opportunities for greater inclusion and equality. According to the International Renewable Energy Industry's (IRENA) January 2019 report, Renewable Energy: A Gender Perspective, women make up only 32% of the workforce in renewables. Although ahead of the oil and gas industry's workforce which comprises just 22% women, imbalances still exist. The number of women in research, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the clean energy sector is 28%, compared to 45% in administrative positions, indicating a strong disparity in women's representation in the clean energy market's value chain. (International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), 2019).

Empowering talent: Women in energy, resources, and infrastructure, provided by McKinsey & Company, found that, “with every step up the North American corporate ladder, men outnumber women by a progressively larger margin that by the C-suite reaches five men for one woman,” an infamous phenomenon all too familiar to working women for far too long. McKinsey’s results show that 48% of entry-level jobs were held by women, dropping to 39% - 34% occupying managerial roles. Further, women filled only 23% of executive positions. (Bellone, Kutob, Noel, & Siccardo, 2019)

Equitable and inclusive representation in renewables is not only a matter of fundamental justice. It is crucial to develop a clean environment with policies and initiatives that represent all demographics' needs. Diverse leadership is important, but its visibility is vital. Diversity ensures that future energy meets the demands of all communities. Visibility inspires others to challenge industry norms.

Livingston Energy Group recognizes the important role women play in this industry. As discussed, although presently uncommon in the renewable and clean energy industry, we are proud that women currently make up more than 50% of our team at various levels of job experience as our company continues to grow rapidly. In recognition of Women’s Day, we would like to introduce the women of Livingston Energy Group as we acknowledge their achievements, celebrate their contributions to the company, and most importantly, emphasize the significance of their presence in clean energy.


“I am from Plattsburgh, New York, and graduated from the SUNY Plattsburgh with a major in Communications Studies. I am now a Sales & Service Consultant here at Livingston Energy Group!

As part of the Sales Development team here, I reach out to people all over New York State, educating them on the rapidly growing EV market and the programs available to provide them free electric vehicle charging stations! I also assist our marketing team, creating ‘How-To’ videos for our YouTube channel! Come check us out!”


“I am a Technical Support Representative here at Livingston working in depth with the company’s IT systems, as well as IT-related client support for both EV station and owners and the EV drivers who use them. As one of Livingston’s newest employees, I am currently learning about and working with the company software portal and will soon manage walking new clients through operating and maintaining their stations. Additionally, I assist the Software and Development team with station monitoring and software activations. Outside of IT and tech support, I also have experience with graphic design, and online sales and marketing. Although I am currently working here full-time, I am also working to finish my degree at University at Albany with a major in Informatics and a concentration in Interactive User Experience.”


“I am a recent graduate of the University at Albany with a master’s degree in Economics and a concentration in forecasting. At Livingston, I am a Project & Services Consultant, assisting clients from the early stages of educating about EV chargers and seeing them through the whole project timeline to closeout. Having lived in Upstate New York for most of my life, I enjoy many outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and cycling. I am also a huge beer geek who enjoys having a pint at a local craft brewery, or I can be found on the couch at home curled up with a book and my cat. I have a huge interest in sustainability and working at both individual and company-wide levels that serve the planet in any way that we can. I am especially proud this International Women’s Day to be doing my part and facilitating the electric vehicle market in my home state.”


“Hi, my name is Chloe, and I am a Sales Specialist Intern for Livingston Energy Group! I work with clients to install EV charging stations on their properties and draft site plans for prospective projects. In addition to these responsibilities, I also assist the company’s Legal Counsel with reading contracts and assist the marketing team with design of marketing materials. Currently, I am a senior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with a double-major in Environmental Science and Economics!”


“I am the Operations Manager for Livingston Energy Group, and I am responsible for all project management and organizational aspects of the business. I have more than 15 years’ experience in leadership roles for both small businesses and larger corporations. I strive to provide leadership not as a position or title but through my actions and examples. I encourage all to work hard, aspire to make a difference, and be kind in all aspects of your life. I love spending time with my family and pets, horseback riding, and doing any outdoor activity in my spare time.”


“I recently received my MPA degree from UAlbany’s Rockefeller College, with a dual concentration in Public Finance & Economics and Environmental Policy & Politics. I now work as Livingston Energy Group’s Project Funding Specialist, managing and monitoring the incentives available to our clients through the Make Ready and Charge Ready programs for a large portfolio of projects and assisting each of our clients as needed through every step of the funding process. Aside from this, I also manage content and paid advertising for Livingston’s social media accounts, track legislation relevant to our mission, and collaborate with companies and organizations sharing goals like ours to form marketing partnerships.”


“Hi! My name is Madison Borden, and I am a Sales & Services Consultant at Livingston Energy Group. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration from Quinnipiac University and spend my free time hiking, boating, skiing, and doing just about anything else outdoors. A fun fact about me is that I was in South Africa when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S.!”


“The electrification of the transport sector is paving the way towards a carbon-neutral future, and during the process we must strive to have everyone's voice at the table. Livingston Energy Group is working on achieving this goal, allowing everyone to take part in and forge their own path. My own journey in the company has taken me from providing legal assistance to encouraging community leaders to support transportation electrification.”



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