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Become a Charging Destination

Download the Charge Port EV Charging app!

Create an account and add payment method.

Use the map to find Livingston Charge Port charging stations
near you. Choose a location and select a charger that is available.

Plug in your car and tap “Start Charging”. You’re all set!

Is a station currently down? Press “Report Station”or call1-844-623-1001 for further support.

Starting your first charge with the Charge Port app:




Easy to use!

"Love this app! It makes charging super simple."

- Amandapcsd

Why choose Livingston Charge Port?
We have one of the highest rated EV charging apps in the App Store.

Fast and Easy to Use

"...I was able to go from parked to charging in less than 30 seconds."

- mvander115

Works Great

"Downloaded the app and was charging within minutes."

- audioguy2014

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