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Porsche Taycan Pre-Orders Over 30,000

About one month before its global debut, over 30,000 orders have come in for the Porsche Taycan - planned to be released in a least three different model types. This is over 50% more than what the company was originally planning for first year sales, and eclipses the number of reservations for Volkswagen's newest electric models.

The car maker has increased it's planned first year production run to 40,000 to accommodate the intense demand. If all of the reservations convert to sales as is currently expected, then the Taycan could beat the sales of the 911 and 718 Boxster - known as the iconic models of the brand. By comparison, the Tesla model S and Model X had combined sales of 100,000 units sold.

Credit for this article goes to Bridie Schmidt, a lead reporter for The Driven. Read her story at

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